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RadDataView allow at the same time, data virtualization with OData v4, and in-place editing?

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Paul Schwartzberg
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Paul Schwartzberg asked on 16 Nov 2016, 05:17 PM

I am looking for a wpf datagrid (teleriks wpf RadGridView) that supports, all of the following at the same time
• (1) column header filtering, sorting,
• (2) multi cell/row editing,
• (3) data virtualization (lazy data loading as you scroll),
• (4) and data via OData V4 (which does not support the DateTime data type, but rather supported is the DateTimeOffset data type)

Does the Telerik WPF RadDataView – allow this??

I looked at the features of your data grid here:
But it is hard to see if it is supporting requirements (1) – (4) listed above at the same time.
Also no mention of DateTimeOffset columns or OData V3 (or !) V4 are mentioned in your features listing.
The DataGrid we are looking for must not internally convert a DateTimeOffset Column (eg while filterng) to DateTime as this causes the request sent to the backend to fail (as with OData V4 we do not support the DateTime type for properties of our data objects).

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Telerik team
answered on 21 Nov 2016, 12:02 PM
Hi Paul,

I will try to address your questions one by one.

1.   The filtering and sorting mechanisms are documented in the relevant sections of RadGridView's online help: Filtering/Sorting. Could you kindly check them out?

2.   RadGridView does not support editing multiple cells at once. We have already researched the possibility to provide such functionality. The major obstacle to introducing it is that it would require major modifications of the core editing logic of the control.

3.   RadGridView provides UI Virtualization for both its rows/columns. Please, take a look also on the Grouping Modes topic. As stated in it, the Flat mode is the newer virtualization mechanism of the control and I recommend you using it.

4.   RadGridView generates a DateTimePicker editor only for a DateTime property. For a DateTimeOffset type it will generate a plain TextBox and process the property as a string. In other words said, working with a DateTimeOffset property is not supported. What I can suggest you in this scenario is to define an additional DateTime property which will be the representation of the DateTimeOffset one and bind the column to it. With this approach you should be able to manually convert the DateTimeOffset value to a DateTime one when passing it to the client side. Respectively, when the user modifies the DateTime property you will need to convert it back to the DateTimeOffset one.

I hope I've managed to clarify your questions. In case further assistance is needed, feel free to approach me.

All the best,
Stefan X1
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Paul Schwartzberg
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