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    I'm using the RadContextMenu together with the Microsoft GridView control. Depending on the current row, the menu displayed will be different. So I have implemented a Web Service method and a callback method looping through the items on the client (using JavaScript) hiding items that will be invisible. 

    Sometimes a menu item will have sub menu items displayed. This works fine until I remove this item's children (ctxParentToClear.get_items().clear();) Then the arrow indicating the menu item has sub menu items is still there. How can I get rid of the arrow indicating sub items without reloading the whle menu?

    For this to happen I have to add children in one call and clear the children in the next call.


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    Hey Janni,

    Have you tried using the remove method that is displayed in this demo?

    Add, remove, disable menu items

    I'm not terribly good with all the in's and out's of RadMenu yet, but in my thinking .clear would do just that and clear what's there, but .remove would actually get rid of the child item... right?

    If I were better with javascript I'd try some sample code, but I'm not, so if anyone knows how to implement this and wants to share, now would be a good time. >.<
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    The problem isn't that the children don't disappear. The problem is that the "arrow" indicating sub menu items on the parent menu is still there even if there are no sub menu items. 
  4. T. Tsonev
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    Hi Rikard Gårdshage,

    Thank you for reporting this issue. We will try to fix the issue. Meanwhile, you can use this code to hide the arrow:

    ctxParentToClear.get_textElement().className = "rmText";

    Your Telerik points have been update for your invol

    Kind regards,
    Tsvetomir Tsonev
    the Telerik team

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    Hi Caesar,
    could you let me know ho do you succeded in implementing a radcontextmenu in a MSGridView??
    I'm not able to do it!
    Or, better, in the postback, inside the menuitemclick, it always return me the first element!
    could you supply some code, too?
    Thanks in advance!
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