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    Posted 12 Feb 2014 Link to this post

    I have a RadScheduler with a DOCK type edit form.  I added a resource combobox that lists all our PO's.  I added a selectedindexchanged to this ddl so I can fill some textboxes based on the selectedValue.  My codebehind fires but I can't seem to reference the textbox fields....like Subject, description etc.

    Code Behind example:
    Protected Sub ddlPO_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As Object, e As RadComboBoxSelectedIndexChangedEventArgs) Handles ddlPO.SelectedIndexChanged
    'getting the ddlPO value works fine I just don't know the code needed to fill in the current textboxes like subject

    ' i'll lookup the extra info from another datasource
    Dim objDetail As New ItemController
    Dim objDetailInfo As AE_Fiber_InventoryDetailsInfo

    objDetailInfo = objDetail.GetAE_Fiber_InventoryDetails(ddlPO.SelectedValue())
    If Not objDetailInfo Is Nothing Then
    '''this is where I want to update my current appointment fields and/or another dropdown
     ''' this needs to happen in Insert/Edit

    '''.subject = objDetailInfo.Location

    End If


    End Sub

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    Posted 17 Feb 2014 Link to this post


    Here is the code that helped me find the description TextBox in the SelectedIndexChanged event of RadComboBox:
    Protected Sub UserDropDown_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As Object, e As RadComboBoxSelectedIndexChangedEventArgs)
        DirectCast(DirectCast(sender, RadComboBox).Parent.FindControl("DescriptionText"), TextBox).Text = "newtext"
    End Sub

    Hope this will be helpful.

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