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    Posted 16 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    I want insert and databind in radcombobox ,
    How i achieve this
    RadComboBoxItem Item6 = new RadComboBoxItem(Resources.Ticket.Action_Knowledge_Base);
    Item6.Value = "1";
    Item6.ImageUrl = "../Content/images/contextmenu/knowledgebase.png";
    ddl_Actions.Items.Insert(8, Item6);
    RadComboBoxItem Item7 = new RadComboBoxItem(Resources.Ticket.Action_CustomAction);
    Item7.Value = "9";
    Item7.ImageUrl = "../Content/images/contextmenu/caction.png";
    ddl_Actions.Items.Insert(9, Item7);
    RadComboBoxItem Item8 = new RadComboBoxItem(Resources.Ticket.Ticket_RemoveFromFolder);
    Item8.Value = "12";
    Item8.ImageUrl = "../Content/images/contextmenu/remove-from-folder.png";
    ddl_Actions.Items.Insert(10, Item8);
    RadComboBoxItem Item10 = new RadComboBoxItem(Resources.Ticket.Ticket_Create_Change_Request);
    Item10.Value = "10";
    Item10.ImageUrl = "../Content/images/contextmenu/changerequest_conf.png";
    ddl_Actions.Items.Insert(11, Item10);
    RadComboBoxItem Item11 = new RadComboBoxItem(Resources.TicketSubscription.Subscribe);
    Item11.Value = "11";
    Item11.ImageUrl = "../Content/images/contextmenu/subscribe.png";
    ddl_Actions.Items.Insert(12, Item11);
    using (var db = new TBSHelpDeskDataContext(Globals.strCon))
        var md = (from a in db.CustomActions select new { a.CustomAction_ID, a.Name }).ToList();
        ddl_Actions.DataSource = md;
        ddl_Actions.DataValueField = "CustomAction_ID";
        ddl_Actions.DataTextField = "Name";

    Thanks Advance,
  2. Nencho
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    Posted 16 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Mohamed,

    You could set the AppendDataBoundItems property of the RadComboBox to True, in order to achieve the desired functionality. You could find our help article about the desired scenario here.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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