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  1. Jeff Wardwell
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    May 2007

    Posted 24 Oct 2008 Link to this post

    I cannot figure out how to prevent the "Error loading RadChart image." from appearing on the production version of my site.  I am trying to add the chart to a page within a sub-directory of a folder that uses forms authentication to deny anonymous users.

    Right now, I've given the IIS and NETWORK SERVICE users Full control in the permission dialogue.  I've removed any authentication.  I've - of course - added the httpHandler.  I've even tried added the location code desciribed in one of the links below.

    What I've Tried
    • UseSession="false" TempImagesFolder="Temp"  ...this enabled images to be created, but they would not show up on the actual site --> same error message
    • UseSession="true" ...error
    • <no special settings>  ...error

    System Info
    Windows Server 2008 (not a server farm)
    .NET 3.5
    Telerik.Web.UI.dll v2008.02.0723.35
    Telerik.Charting.dll v2.0.3.0

    Threads whose suggestions I've tried
    http://www.telerik.com/community/forums/thread/b311D-bkataa.aspx http://www.telerik.com/community/forums/thread/b311D-bkkgmb.aspx

  2. Giuseppe
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    Posted 27 Oct 2008 Link to this post

    Hello Jeff Wardwell,

    We believe the information in this forum post here should solve your configuration problem.

    Hope this helps.

    the Telerik team

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  3. Alessandro
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    Posted 27 Oct 2008 Link to this post

    Hi, i've got the same problem of the user who open this post. I've done the same operation you wrote but my chart does not works.
    When my web-application try to open chart, appears a messagebox who ask if i want to view the stack trace. I'd like to view page where stack trace is show, but i need to know the name of the page will be opened, because i must set correctly my web.config. Can you write me the name of the page?


  4. Jeff Wardwell
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    Posted 28 Oct 2008 Link to this post

    Manuel -

    Thanks for you help.  The explanation at the above link did fix my problem.

    Just a note to anyone who might make the same thoughtless mistake I did.  You can't simply copy the handler from the <system.web> section to the <system.webServer> section.  There are some syntax differences.

    And - depending on the editor you're working in, you may have to replace smart quotes from the post with plain old ascii quotes. I made this change live (eek!) and had a 500 error page show while I fixed this.

    Thanks again!
  5. Toyin
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    Posted 21 Sep 2013 Link to this post

    I have the same problem, when I set UseSession="false", it works, however when I set UseSession="true" with the SessionState mode set to SQL Server it fails. I store all my state info in SQL Server, so that works.
    Has anyone being able to get the UseSession="true" to work with the SessionState mode set to SQL Server?
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