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    Hi all,

    I have a problem, when i try to apply border on the current date and when user hovers on that particular date the border becomes invisible, as i have done some research on it and came to the point that "rcHover" class removes the current border class on hover.

    Can it be possible to apply both the classes at the same point.

    and same is happening when i highlighted the special date with my own class.

    The scnerio is as follows:
    I have higlighted the special date with my own class using the following code:

     RadCalendarDay[] inputItems = new RadCalendarDay[JobLogDataSet.Tables["JobLog"].Rows.Count];
                    int i = 0;
                    foreach (DataRow row in JobLogDataSet.Tables["JobLog"].Rows)
                        inputItems[i] = new RadCalendarDay();
                        inputItems[i].Date = (DateTime)row["LogDate"];
                        inputItems[i].ItemStyle.CssClass = "HiglightedData";
                        //inputItems[i].ItemStyle.Width = Unit.Pixel(10);
                        //inputItems[i].ItemStyle.CssClass = "rcSelected";

    when the date is higlighted and selected the default css gets applied i.e. "rcSelected" and when user hovers on that date it removes the "rcselected" class but it dosen't happen when there is no higlighted date on that day.

    I want in both the case that it should not remove the prev. applied class.

    Hope i made myself clear about it.

    hoping to get the reply as soon as possible.

    Gaurav Sharma 
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