RadAlert Won't Display On Top Of RadWindow

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  1. Marc Messer
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    Posted 10 Aug 2009 Link to this post

    Here is a quick summary of the issue that I am currently having... I may be missing something obvious, but I have tried just about everything. 

    1. I have a masterpage that has the windowmanager on it with the following definition:
      <telerik:RadWindowManager ID="adminWindowManager" runat="server" DestroyOnClose="true" Behaviors="Close,Reload,Move" KeepInScreenBounds="true" Modal="true" VisibleStatusbar="false" ShowContentDuringLoad="false" OnClientPageLoad="ClientName.Web.UI.Window.OnWindowLoaded"  /> 
    2. I have an aspx page that has a button that calls another page via radwindow:
      <input type="button" onclick="ClientName.Web.UI.Window.OpenWindow('NewCustomer.aspx','NewCustomer',false);" value="New Customer" />
      Supporting Functions:
      ClientName.Web.UI.Window.Manager = function() { 
          return GetRadWindowManager(); 
      ClientName.Web.UI.Window.OpenWindow = function(u, t, d, c) { 
          var m = ClientName.Web.UI.Window.Manager(); 
          var w = m.open(u, t); 
          if (d) { w.set_modal(d); } 
          if (c) { w.add_close(c); } 
    3. All of this works fine, then on the open aspx page i have a form with a validation summary.  I edited two lines of the validationsummary javascript from msft to show a rad alert instead of modifing the innerhtml of the validationsummary.
    4. This is the function that it calls:
      function ValidationSummaryOnSubmit(validationGroup) { 
          ClientName.Web.UI.Window.OpenAlert('Validation HTML Message''Validation Error'); 

      Supporting Functions:
      ClientName.Web.UI.Window.GetParent = function() { 
          var w = null
          if (window.radWindow) { w = window.radWindow; } 
          else if (window.frameElement.radWindow) { w = window.frameElement.radWindow; } 
          return w.BrowserWindow; 
      ClientName.Web.UI.Window.OpenAlert = function(m, t) { 
          var c = this
          if (typeof radalert == 'undefined') { c = ClientName.Web.UI.Window.GetParent(); } 
          var a = c.radalert(m, 0, 0, t); 
          a.setActive(); // THIS DOES NOT WORK 
          a.add_pageLoad(function(s,a) { ... }); // THIS DOES NOT WORK EITHER 

    No matter what it try I can't seem to get it to work. At first i thought it was because they are both modal but now the radwindow is not and the radalert is...  I have included a image of my result...

    Sample Image   
  2. Answer
    Georgi Tunev
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    Posted 11 Aug 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Marc,

    Try calling a.setActive(true); with a small timeout and see how your logic will behave. If you still experience problems after that, please open a support ticket and send us a small sample project where this issue could be reproduced. Just make sure that the project can be run locally and attach it to the ticket - we will check it right away.

    All the best,
    Georgi Tunev
    the Telerik team

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  3. Marc Messer
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    May 2009

    Posted 11 Aug 2009 Link to this post

    The set timeout worked... however it would be nice to have the ability to attach load functions etc.. make sense?
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