RadAjaxLoadingPanel Not Displaying on Nested User Controls

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    I have two user controls A and B. B is a standalone grid that is displayed in some areas, while A is a grid that expands the rows and the NestViewTemplate is the user control B. 

    Now A and B both have an RadAjaxLoadingPanel and RadAjaxManagerProxy  and B shows the loading indicator just fine when used by itself. And user control A shows the loading indicator for its primary RadGrid just fine as you navigate paging or expand, and sort etc. However once you expand a row the nest RadGrid inside user control B no longer shows a loading indicator like it does when it is not nested.

    So I have the RadAjaxLoadingPanel and RadAjaxManagerProxy setup correctly for RadGrid in a non-nested situation. This is an example of what the NestedViewTemplate looks like.

    2.    <div class="childGrid" runat="server">
    3.        <uc:MyChildGrid ID="childGrid" runat="server" ShowTitle="False" ShowSummery="False" OnQueryStateChange="ChildGridOnQueryStateChange"/>
    4.    </div>

    Is there anything special that has to be taken into account to have the loading indicators both work on both controls? It doesn't make sense why they work in isolation but not when nested as user controls.  I have unique ID's on the proxies and the Loading Panels in case there could be a collision.  Seems like they should be independent RadAjaxManagerProxy and RadAjaxLoadingPanel  and should just work they way they do in isolation when nested.

    I looked at the Demo's and there are none using User Controls for nesting. They are all nested Rad controls and only a single RadAjaxLoadingPanel and RadAjaxManager they don't use the Proxy version. 

    Not sure if there is some secret sauce that needs to be added or exposed on the nested custom user control that will allow for it to be hooked and managed. 

    Any help that can solve this will be appreciated!


  2. Rodney Foley
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    Posted 26 Feb in reply to Rodney Foley Link to this post

    So I just tried removing the Proxy and Loading Panel from the nested control and it all works correctly when its nested, however now I have no loading panel for it when the nested control is not being nested. 

    I assume that I have to pass a bool to the control that will exclude them or include them. It seems that the RadAjaxManager should be able to work this out and use two loading panels and two proxies.

    Is there a way where I don't have to HACK a bool into the control that determines if html is written or not written?
  3. Vessy
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    Hi Rodney,

    I have just answered your support ticket on this matter. As I need some more details for this issue, I will advise that we continue our discussion in it and you can freely post the solution once we find it.

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