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Rad Tab strip | Java script error

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Alok asked on 21 Jun 2010, 02:42 PM
I am using the RadGrid control in my project. Here I am loading this control dynamically in a RadTab control and trying to access the master table view of the grid control .

  var   tableView = $find("<%= grdAllDocs.ClientID %>").get_masterTableView();

but it is throwing the following exception.

Error Msg: null is null or not an object.

I am creating the grid control as follows:-

<telerik:RadGrid ID="grdAllDocs" runat="server" EnableViewState="True" AutoGenerateColumns="false"           
            AllowSorting="true" PageSize="25" OnItemCreated="grdAllDocs_ItemCreated"
            OnColumnCreated="grdAllDocs_ColumnCreated" OnItemDataBound="grdAllDocs_ItemDataBound"
            OnColumnCreating="grdAllDocs_ColumnCreating" AllowPaging="True" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false"
            <itemstyle wrap="false" />
            <mastertableview allowfilteringbycolumn="True" tablelayout="Fixed">
                        <PagerStyle PageButtonCount="3" Mode="NumericPages" HorizontalAlign="Right" AlwaysVisible="true"    EnableSEOPaging="false" Position="TopAndBottom" ShowPagerText="true"></PagerStyle>

Please suggest me how I can get the master table view of the grid on the client side.


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Telerik team
answered on 24 Jun 2010, 09:43 AM
Hi Alok,

The Javascript error means that at the time you are executing

$find("<%= grdAllDocs.ClientID %>")

the grdAllDocs control does not exist on the page (is not rendered), or that its client object has not been initialized yet. The first option can be caused by the fact that you are only loading one RadPageView instead of all of them (RenderSelectedPageOnly property of the RadMultiPage). The second option can be caused by the fact that you are executing $find too early.

If you need further assistance, please send a runnable demo, so that we can test it locally.

the Telerik team
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