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Rad Grid Peformance Optimization Problem

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Puay Chai Tan
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Puay Chai Tan asked on 21 Oct 2010, 01:12 PM

We are using Rad Controls and Rad Grid Extensively in our project.  Right now i am working on the optimization of the Rad Controls. I want to know few scenario what we had implemented in our application. My application Structure.
1) Master Page is header part contains the Rad Menu. On Menu Click Navigates to the respective content page.
2) All our content pages contains the RadGrid
3) We are using WebUserControl for the RadGrid EditForm.
Ref :

Please answer my below queries based on the our above mentioned application UI Structure.
1)  We are using IBindableControl interface and bind the user control form elements that in turn automatically bind to the rad grid. (We are worried does it cause any performance issues? If the binding is automatic in this manner to the Rad Grid does it takes more memory or load time than manually binding using need datasource ?
2) Which one is more faster in terms of loading the data in the grid with the webusercontrol edit form with add, edit, update and delete feature? Is it Autobinding using Ibindable interface or Using NeedDatasource?  Which is more controllable?
3) If we set the view state as false in the grid and implemented the autobinding using IBindableControl Interface. Is to programatically able to rebind the data on update?
I have seen the below code in the support resource.
protected void MyButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
//perform some actions here
RadGrid1.DataSource = null;
//call the Rebind() method after nullifying the data source

4) How do you get the Rad Grid Reference if it is the WebUserControl? For example when we click the save button we need to make the data source null and rebind the update datasource.
5) Is it posssible to implement rebinding of the RadGrid without need datasource if the view state is set to false?
6) If possible can you send some examples how to do it?
7) Is not so even using the need data source how do you get the reference in the of the RadGrid since it is an Web usercontrol that is tied to the rad Grid as Edit Form?
8) Could you please send us some example for both the scenario rebind the data to the RadGrid after update or save if the view state is set to false using WebUsercontrol as edit form?
9) If the view state is set to false in the RadGrid and i am using need datasource? I have seen that Grouping, Filtering feature doesnt work.  What is the workaround for these scenarios? Pls send us some examples.
10)Pls send us the examples handling grouping, filtering for the above scenario, if the View State is set as false?
11) In what scenario i can used the Ibindable interface autobinding and in what scenario i can make use of need Datasource? Pls Advice.
12) In the Heirarchy Grid, Right now we are using the Autobinding, if we go for the manual binding using the needdatasource is it complex to implement all the grouping, filtering scenario using the webusercontrol as edit form?Could you please send some example using the manual binding webusercontrol -Heirarchial RadGrid Examples supporting the Grouping, Filtering, Sorting, etc.
13) We are using the image icon as the view button on each row of the rad Grid, you can see from our url mentioned on top.? Does the image icon in the row cause any performance issue?
14) Using the Tooltip Manager in the RadGrid causes any Performance issue? What are the work around? Please advice with examples.

Thanks & Regards

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Telerik team
answered on 25 Oct 2010, 08:54 AM
Hi Puay Chai Tan,

I noticed that my colleague Veli already responded to your question in the support ticket you opened with regards to this subject. To avoid duplicate posts, I suggest that you continue the communication there.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
the Telerik team
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