Rad Alert Text Not Showing New Line

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    I have the following script file.  In the text I am entering the \\n to display a new line but when the alert opens the text is not on a new line.  I have tried \n, \\n and \\n\r but none of these creates a new line.  How do I get a new line to display in the rad alert.

    /*This function displays a confirm dialog box when the user clicks the delete button */
    function DeleteOnClientClickingExternal(sender, args, radGrid) {   
        var MasterTable = radGrid.get_masterTableView();
        var selectedRows = MasterTable.get_selectedItems();
        if (selectedRows.length > 0) {
            var callBackFunction = Function.createDelegate(sender, function(argument) {
                if (argument) {
            var text = "This process CANNOT be un-done.\\nAre you sure you want to delete this record?.";
            radconfirm(text, callBackFunction, 500, 100, null, "Delete Record");

        else {
            alert('You must select a row to be deleted.');

    Thank you for you help.

  2. Answer
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    Hello Tracy,

    Referring to this forum thread,the message can also parse HTML and "\n" will not produce a new line even. Please, use the <br/> tag instead which worked as expected.

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