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    From the testing that I have performed, I am unable to appreciate the need for the UploadPaths property. As far as I can tell, this property makes the FileExplorer fairly useless. I am trying to use a custom database provider, and I want users to be able to upload files in any folder, including folders that the user may have themselves created. But, Fileexplorer only wants to upload in the folder configured in the UploadPaths property. Is my understanding correct.

    BTW, has anyone gotten FileExplorer to work with SQL Server?
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    the behavior may depend on your custom provider.
    But whit the included FileSystemContentProvider things work as expected.
    And this includes users created folders.
    A user can only create folders where he has the permission to do so.
    Which results also in the permission to write (upload there).

    In my example
    I use a directory structure like this:

    I set UploadPaths to XFiles which results in:
    A user can create folders everywhere under XFiles (including subdirectories).
    An he / she can also upload files to every directory (subdirectory) of \XFiles - also to newly created ones.
    --to be clear - although I create my own (derived) provider in this sample - I did nothing to change the default behavior in this part of the original provider - so what you see there is exactly what the original provider does out of the box.

    For me this looks like I expect it.
    It is similar to "NTFS permissions" - I you are allowed to create files and folders under a tree - you can create folders there (not in a different tree where you don't have the rights).
    And if you create a new folder there - you can also create files (upload in this case) in this new folder.


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