Property ContentFilters "disables" Reusable Content

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    We have a WCM scenario in SharePoint 2007 with own page layouts and masterpage.

    The HTML-fields are set to use RAD Editor 5.8.7. We add a couple of Reusable Contents to a HTML-field via IE 8.

    When we set the property ContentFilters in ConfigFile.xml (to anything) and try to add for example a new web part in a web part zone (so that the page reloads), the first thing that happens is that the Reusable Contents changes to "a" links (as it should) and then when the page have loaded again, they do not change back to the corresponding Reusable Contents (the "a" links are still visible in the field).
    <property name="ContentFilters">FixUlBoldItalic,IECleanAnchors,MozEmStrong,ConvertFontToSpan,IndentHTMLContent</property>

    If we comment the property setting in ConfigFile.xml it works perfect.
    <!--property name="ContentFilters">FixUlBoldItalic,IECleanAnchors,MozEmStrong,ConvertFontToSpan,IndentHTMLContent</property-->
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    Hello Matz,

    Thank you for reporting this bug.

    It appeared when the ConvertToXhtml property is disabled. To fix it please enable this property, e.g.

    <property name="ContentFilters">ConvertToXhtml,FixUlBoldItalic,IECleanAnchors,MozEmStrong,ConvertFontToSpan,IndentHTMLContent</property>

    I logged the bug in our PITS system and we will fix it. I also updated your Telerik points for your feedback. Here you can find the PITS Issue: Public URL.

    Best regards,
    the Telerik team

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