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    Is there a way to programmatically check server-side for an ajaxsetting that may or may not already exist in the AjaxSettings collection for the ajax manager? I thought a function like this one should do it, to create a setting object (='mytestsetting') against which then you could use it as a parameter to match against myajaxmanager.AjaxSettings.Contains(mytestsetting), but should I expect it to recognize that a matching setting with the exact same ajaxified source and updated target already exist?

            Public Function CheckForExistingAjaxSetting(ByRef ajaxifiedctrl As Control, ByRef updatedctrl As Control, ByRef rlp As RadAjaxLoadingPanel) As AjaxSetting

                Dim setting As New AjaxSetting()
                Dim target As AjaxUpdatedControl = Nothing
                If Not rlp Is Nothing Then
                    target = New AjaxUpdatedControl(updatedctrl.UniqueID, rlp.UniqueID)
                    target = New AjaxUpdatedControl(updatedctrl.UniqueID, Nothing)
                End If
                setting.AjaxControlID = ajaxifiedctrl.UniqueID
                Return setting

            End Function

     somewhere else in server code:

           Dim mytestsetting As AjaxSetting = CheckForExistingAjaxSetting(foo, bar, loadingpanel)
    Not (myajaxmanager.AjaxSettings.Contains(mytestsetting)) Then ....
    .... add the setting programmatically
           End If

    Could you say if there is a better way to do this that works?


  2. Maria Ilieva
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    The presented approach for verify if a concrete ajax settings exists is correct one and should work as expected. Do let us know if any issues with the presented approach appears.

    Kind regards,
    Maria Ilieva
    the Telerik team
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