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    I have some questions about the insert, update and delete RadGrid:

    1) By deleting a record, I want to display a yes/no alert. If the user confirm then the record is deleted, If not, then the alert is closed and the record stay. How can I do that?

    2) I cant display a radwindow from the edit form, why? and how can I do that?

    3) Before executing the delete action, I need to retrieve a specific value from the deleted record, for example the value which displayed in the "PagNam" column in order to remove the file with the name "PagNam" by deleting the record.
    How can I do it?

    Please, I need your hep,
    It is appreciated to send me a sample code with an explaination.


  2. Tsvetina
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    Hi Bader,

    Straight to your questions:

    1) Deletion of RadGrid items with confirmation dialog is demonstrated in the following online demo:
    Automatic Operations

    2) What do you mean by saying that RadWindow cannot be opened from edit form? What code are you trying in order to do so? By default there should be no problem with such scenario.

    3) If you are going to recognize the items by this value and it is unique to each record, I would advise you to assign it as DataKeyName of the grid. Then, when Delete command happens, you can access it by using (e.Item as GridDataItem).GetDataKeyValue("PagNam"). If this field cannot be a DateKeyName, you can just access the cell of the current dataitem by UniqueName and take the value:
    Accessing cells and rows

    the Telerik team
  3. Bader
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    Posted 10 Apr 2011 Link to this post


    Thank you for you reply, iy was useful,
    I'm facing another three problem with the silverlight dialog within the RTL RadEditor:
    1) The Dialog is not designed well in RTL mode (Common problem for all dialogs in RTL mode).
    Please view the attached image.

    2) As you can see in the attached image I can't add InitParameters to the silverlight control. Is there any way to set the InitParameters without using the HTML Mode of the RadEditor (I mean manually)? Is there any way to add fields to this dialog? If it is possible, please explain to me how I can do that?

    3) What does the following properties means:
        a. Windowless
        b. Auto Upgrade
        c. Enable Hml Access

    Please, I need your help in order to solve the above problems.
    It is apreciared to send me a code which solves the first two problems and an explaination for the third problem.

  4. Dobromir
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    Posted 13 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Bader,

    Straight to the questions:
    1. The file browser dialogs are using RadFileExplorer control which does not support right-to-left direction out of the box. To fix this problem you need to add some extra CSS selectors related to the RadFileExplorer in the CSS file that is loaded in the editor dialogs via RadEditor's DialogsCssFile property (as explained in this live demo). For your convenience I have applied the required modifications and prepared a sample page using the CSS files from the above mentioned demo, please find the sample page attached.
    2. At present Silverlight Manager dialog does not offer the possibility to set InitParameters to the HTML object, however, it is possible to modify the dialog to extend its functionality. More information on how to modify the RadEditor's built-in dialogs is available in the following Live Demo:
      Customize Built-in Dialogs
      For your convenience I have modified the SilverlightManager.ascx built-in dialog with the additional field. Please find it attached.
    3. The mentioned properties are standard Silverlight properties that can be applied to the <object> element through <param> inner tag. You can find the description of these properties in MSDN:

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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