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  1. Alessandro
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    I've got a problem with refresh requests in a heavy page with many user controls,
    The page is made of ten user controls in which there is a xml control that load some xml data and in one of those controls( now i'm going to call this control Control_A) ,and in this one there is another user control ( Control_B), and within the last one control there is a button. This button(in Control_B) make a request  to a wcf service and get some xml data from this; the problem is here, this data has to be renderized in the control ( Control_B ) with a partial render,and the Control_A is refreshed to change the visual style, but when I click the button the postback don't start , now I list steps that took place hours after the click :
    1 - Click the button
    2 - Page_Load is fired (of the page not within the user controls)
    3 - the page is not in postback, so all the requests for the creation of the page start(the page now should be in postback in theory), because I check that the page is not in postback in the page_load to know if I have to create or update the page
    4 - the request made by the button click event handler is fired
    5 - all the page is refreshed, so I lost all the xml data in the user controls opposed by the Control_B and Control_A which refrersh correctly.

    So this is the schema of the page:


            RadAjaxManager (with only the settings for the buttons in the page, e.g the button that prints a pdf file of the page) 
        RadAjaxLoadingPanel ( with a user control with the refresh image inside, as in the telerik samples)





            Control_B(with the button)            






            UserControl,ecc..(other user controls)

    when I click the Button inside Control_B all the user controls are refreshed and the postback isn't be setted to true, so the page is all recreated and the Initial requests are remaked(and this is not correct)

    what can I do to refresh only control_A and Control_B?With which radajax configuration can I do what I want?

  2. Alessandro
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    Posted 24 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    i forget a thing, we convert all the update panels from infragistics update panels, so the user controls were like this :


    thanks in advance

  3. Maria Ilieva
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    Hi Alessandro,

    As the described scenario seems to be rather complex I would suggest you to open a regular support ticket and send us sample runnable application which demonstrates your scenarios. Thus we will be able to see the exact application configuration, test it locally and do our best to provide proper solution.

    Kind regards,
    Maria Ilieva
    the Telerik team
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