Problem while resizing columns in Grid View Control

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  1. Prince
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    Posted 17 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    Hi All,

    I have taken a grid view control in a user control file "Orders.ascx".
    when I am opening this page, where this user control has been used in IE6, then it works fine
    but when I am using IE7 then this is not being resized while reorder is woring fine in both of Internet Explorer versions.

    Code snippet is as follows:




    <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" AllowMultiRowSelection="false" runat="server" Skin="Outlook"



    Width="100%" PageSize="16" Height="420" BorderStyle="None" AllowPaging="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False"






    <ClientSettings AllowColumnsReorder="True" ReorderColumnsOnClient="true">



    <ClientEvents OnRowDblClick="OpenCustomerProduct" />



    <Resizing AllowRowResize="True" EnableRealTimeResize="True" ResizeGridOnColumnResize="true"






    <Scrolling AllowScroll="true" UseStaticHeaders="True" />



    <Selecting AllowRowSelect="True" />






    <HeaderStyle CssClass="gridHeader" />



    <MasterTableView CommandItemDisplay="None" TableLayout="Fixed"



    EditMode="EditForms" AutoGenerateColumns="False">



    <PagerStyle Wrap="false" Mode="NextPrevAndNumeric" PrevPageImageUrl="Images/arrowLeft.gif"



    NextPageImageUrl="Images/arrowRight.gif" NextPageText="Next" PrevPageText="Prev" />



  2. Prangadj
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    Posted 19 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    Prince, both features should work the same under IE 6 and 7 - can you post url to test it under both browsers? Also set Height="420px"

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