Printing RadWindow opened as a Modal window, is not using the print.css and is printing the parent page in Background

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    We are opening a pop-up window from the parent window with the following code. The child window which we are opening does not have any Telerik controls and it’s an external link. The window opens fine, without any issues.

    In the new opened child page there is a Query which gets executed when the print button is clicked. When this Jquery is called it opens a print dialog box as expected, but when the window is printed, it’s not taking the print.css and also its printing the parent page.



    .cs code
    txtDDDD.NavigateUrl = "javascript:top.openMaximizePopup(‘URL’)


    JavaScript Code in the parent page


    var oWnd = top.radopen(url, "modalPopup");

          oWnd.SetSize(widthValue - 260, heightValue - 150);

          oWnd.set_behaviors(Telerik.Web.UI.WindowBehaviors.Close + Telerik.Web.UI.WindowBehaviors.Maximize);


          if (title != "") oWnd.set_title(title);




    Javascript in Child Page

     <script language = "javascript" type="text/javascript">

            $(document).ready(function () {

                $("input[id$= ImageButtonPrint]").click(function() 







    Any help on this is appreciated.

  2. rdmptn
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    Posted 14 Feb 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Joe,

    Are you sure this button is inside the RadWindow you wish to print? It seems like your context (i.e. the window object) is not the window object of the RadWindow's iframe.

    You can also take a look at this KB article or somewhere in the net (like here) on printing, as this is very browser dependent and no two browsers do this the same way. I have also never seen a browser print with all correct CSS, you can try this in a simple page (or in an iframe, doesn't matter), you will see.

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