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    Hi all

    I'm using the FileExplorer control in a scenario with the following requirements:

    a) Physical paths for the files should not accessible through IIS 
    => I'm working on implementing an adapted version of the the "PhysicalpathFilesystemProvider"

    b) The permissions should be set in a way that a user can upload files, create new folders and delete files/folders under a designed "home" (top) folder, but should not be allowed to delete or rename his "home" folder, for example:
    "D:\userdata\10711" is the "home" folder for user 10711, where he should have full rights to anything that is in located in that folder and its subfolders, but he should not be allowed to delete or rename the "10711" folder. 
    => I've played around with different configurations of viewPaths, uploadPaths and deletePaths, but have not found a way to set the permissions accordingly. But perhaps I'm overseeing something since I figure this must be quite a common scenario ...

    Thanks in advance for any help,
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    Posted 25 Nov 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Michael,

    I have already answered your support ticket on the subject. For convenience I will paste my answer here as well.

    By design RadFileExplorer does not allow its ROOT directories to be deleted or renamed. Are you able to actually delete the root folder? If so, could you please provide a sample project so we can examine the custom content provider.

    If the problem is that the Delete button is enabled, I would recommend you to manually disable it when the selected folder is the root. For your convenience I have attached a demo project to this thread which shows the exact steps in order to do this. Could you please check it and let me know whether it fits your requirements?

    the Telerik team
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