Portal with Dynamic Docks and Asynch Content

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    I know that there ave been numerous posts regarding portal implementations but none that I could find related to both dynamic docks and asynchronous content.
    My scenario is this:
    I have a number of docks that can be added from a catalog. I am able to add the add the docks dynamically without problems (that has been covered in numerous other posts). Where I'm having trouble is when I add a dock that asynch loads its data from the browser. 

    How do I get the content of my dynamically added dock to begin an asynch request for data? I'd love to see a simple example of a dynamically added RSS reader dock which begins retrieving data once its rendered on the browser.

    Forgive me if this question/sample already exists.

  2. EpiqDev
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    I have a similar requirement, and used the technique given in this codeproject article:


    The basic concept is to load the usercontrol really quickly and then kick off the process to get the data afterward.

    In the above example this is done with an Ajax Timer and an update panel in the usercontrol.

    There is another method using a webservice, which will work fine if you are doing read-only widgets. 

    Unless I'm missing something, there isn't a "simple" way to get a postback in the user control to work with this webservice method.

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