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PopUp FormEditor / RadUpload

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Alexandre Lepage
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Alexandre Lepage asked on 22 Dec 2008, 03:45 PM
Using version 2008.2.826.35

I have a Grid with a CardView ItemTemplate.
I have an edit form base on a user control (ascx).   == EditMode="PopUp"

When my PoPup is display the RadUpload in my ascx does not show?

RadUpload is set with ControlObjectsVisibility="None".

If I set ControlObjectsVisibility="Default" then I only see the extra button's not the Select one....

Any hint?
    <MasterTableView DataKeyNames=""  
                     NoMasterRecordsText="<%$ Resources:myRadGrid, NoMasterRecordsText %>"  
        <EditFormSettings UserControlName="~/Controls/Personne.ascx"  
            <EditColumn UniqueName="EditCommandColumn1"

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Georgi Krustev
Telerik team
answered on 24 Dec 2008, 08:55 AM
Hello Alexandre Lepage,

I tried to reproduce your problem with both the version that you are using and with the latest build, but with no success.

I can suggest you the following - if you are using RadScriptManager, set EnableScriptCombine property to false. RadScriptManager has problems with combining scripts in the Q2 release. The problem was fixed in the Q3 version of the controls.

<telerik:RadScriptManager ID="RadScriptManager1" runat="server" EnableScriptCombine="false" /> 

Another solution is to upgrade RadControls to the latest version.

I hope these directions are helpful.
If the problem persists, please send us a complete sample page, so that we can test and investigate locally.

Georgi Krustev
the Telerik team

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Alexandre Lepage
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Georgi Krustev
Telerik team
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