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  1. Jon (I.T. Agility Inc.)
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    I have a combo box in an edit item template in a grid.  I have the combo loading on demand and then I have the selectedindexchanged event wired up.  That event gets fired when I make a selection in the combo, but the controls I want to fill values with based on the input to the combobox never display. 

    so the example would be to have the user type a few letters in the combo - the combo goes back to the database an finds a list of values and displays them - in this case it is product numbers.  When the user selects a product number the selectedindex changed event goes to the database and gets a product based on the number selected.  Now, I have a textbox in another column in the grid, in a edit item template that I want to set the text property on - this is what is never being upated.

    All this is being wired up using the AjaxManager.
  2. Simon
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    Hello CharmingSoft,

    Could you check whether you have configured the RadAjaxManager properly, that is RadGrid should update itself?

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Patrick Wilson
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    How do i use a combobox in an edit item template in a radgrid to populate a textbox within the same radgrid?
  4. Princy
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    Hello Patrick,

    You can refer to the following online demo which explains on how to get reference to controls in grid edit form and populate it depending on an option the user selects for another control in the same edit form. This should surely help you out:
    Accessing Cells and Rows


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