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    Hi, im using RadComboBox and I have initial(complete) data source on page load.

    After certain client action i want to pass a parameter to receive a new data source.

    I am able to send that parameter and i see it on server side. It does get passed to the SQL procedure which returns new data.

    The problem is on client side which doesnt show the new data, combo is populated with the old data.

    Is there a way to force the RadComboBox to repopulate the data after it gets new data on the server side?



    The code is very simple:

    Private Sub CreateComboTipBonusa()
    Dim dt As New DataTable
    Dim idRet As Integer
    If Not IsNothing(Request("IdRetention")) Then
    idRet = Convert.ToInt32(Request("IdRetention"))
    End If
    With New SqlCommandWrapper("gorComboRetentionTipBonusa")
    .AddParameter("@IdRetention", idRet)
    .AddParameter("@OdgId", OdgId)
    .AddParameter("@AppType", myAppType)
    .AddParameter("@Culture", myCulture)
    dt = .ExecuteTable
    End With
    cmbTipBonusa.DataValueField = "IdReda"
    cmbTipBonusa.DataTextField = "Naziv"
    cmbTipBonusa.DataSource = dt
    End Sub

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