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  1. Getulio
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    Posted 26 Mar 2013 Link to this post


    I'm using PivotGrid since beta version.
    Now, we have the final version. Thank you.

    But, I have a few questions:
    - Documentation is poor. It's like in beta version. Other controls, like GridView, have a great documentation;
    - How can I translate (localize) RadPivotFieldList?
    - How can I make RowGroups begins collapsed?
    - How can I make alternate colors in CollumnGroups?

    PS.: These features was promissed in beta.

    Regards, Getulio.
  2. Rosen Vladimirov
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    Posted 27 Mar 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Getulio,

    Thank you for choosing RadPivotGrid. We are continuously working to fulfill our customers requirements - from documentation to new features, we are doing our best to provide you with the best PivotGrid on the market. Let me continue with your questions:
     - Our current documentation covers the integrated features of RadPivotGrid. We'll include several "HowTo" articles, but we have to understand what our customers need most. I can assure you that we've received many specific requests which are valid only for specific cases. From our point of view, such customizations shouldn't be in the online documentation. That's why we have not included them there. Very soon we'll add articles for most commonly requested customizations. Of course we accept your advises and desires, so we'll be glad to hear if there are any specific articles that you expect to see in our online help.
     - With the official release we have added localization keys for several of RadPivotGrid and RadPivotFieldList strings. I'm sending you a simple project demonstrating how you can use them. But we have localized only the parts of the Pivot that are set through XAML. With our Service Pack release, which is just around the corner, we'll add localization keys for all strings used in RadPivotGrid and RadPivotFieldList and you'll be able to create a fully localized application.
     - We are still working on our expand/collapse support. You can check our previous discussion in this forum thread for a workaround how to achieve this (I know we have already discussed this with you).
     - You have two options how to achieve this. First one is to use our QuickStyles. You can check here how to use them. The other option is to use CellTemplateSelector and apply different DataTemplate for each of the cell, based on some condition. This is implemented in the attached project.

    Hopefully this helps. Once again, thank you for choosing RadPivotGrid. Feel free to contact us if you have any other problems or concerns.

    Kind regards,
    Rosen Vladimirov
    the Telerik team

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