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    Posted 12 Jul 2012 Link to this post


    I'm using the HTMLCharts for the first time and it looks quite nice. Thanks for your work!

    But after playing around a little bit I found that the functionality of the labels is quite limited. For a customer we had to generate a pie-chart with currently 17 elements (going to grow). Now, there are tow issues with that:

    1. Without definig the colors of each element explicitly there are elements sharing the same color.
    2. the labels of the elements show only the numeric value (OK with some formatting, but still only the numeric value)

    Now, the second point is a real problem, as the graphic should not only show the value/percentage but also the name of the element. In fact, the chart should show the percentage of each customer on the company's turnaround. Imagine 20-30 customers... you just cannot tell them apart in the graphics. It would be nice if you could customize the label of each element...

    Or, maybe I'm completely wrong and this can be done already. If so, I'd be happy to get to know how.

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    Svetlina Anati
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    Hello Andreas,

    Thank you for the good words, we are glad that you find the new RadHtmlChart useful and nice!

    Straight to your questions:

    1) The colors which the chart uses for each skin are chosen to be consistent with other skins of RadControls in the suite and thus they are [redefined in advance and not generated on demand. Having predefined colors in advance requires to make a predefined set of colors, which is a particular number. For now we have 5 predefined colors and thus thy will start alternate again for more series - e.g the 6 pie segment will have the same color as the 1st, the 7th - the same as the second, etc. You are the first one who reports this and I see the point in your request. However, to add more predefined colors, we need to gather more feedback and thus I prepared a PITS item for that - you can find it below:


    On a side not, we are also considering adding functionality to programmatically generate new colors based on predefined and once this is done, you will be able to have differently colored series no matter their count is bigger than the predefined set.

    Until the above is available I suggest to use the BackgroundColor property and set explicit colors.

    2) We agree that this is a needed functionality for a chart and we will add label templates in order to meet.This was already logged in our TODO but since you are not the first one who asks, I created a PITS for that too - you can find it below:


    Thank you for the provided feedback, I updated your Telerik points for it.

    I hope that my reply is detailed enough and helpful, let me know if any other questions or suggestions arise.

    All the best,
    Svetlina Anati
    the Telerik team
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