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    Posted 01 Nov 2011 Link to this post

    Hey folks, 

    When I scroll down a page displayed as rich text in the radeditor using the mouse wheel, or by sliding the editor's scrollbar towards the bottom of the page, phantom line droppings appear over the text that scrolls up from the bottom of the editor's frame.  More precisely, numerous light grey 1pt thick horizontal lines are drawn across the text set at random intervals ranging from a few points to a couple of text lines apart.  As soon as I move the windows mouse pointer to outside of the radeditor's control boundaries, the lines disappear.  I've seen this behavior in other sites that use the telerik radeditor such as the forums in

    As a user trying to key text into the control, I find this behavior most annoying because it obliterates the readability of almost everything being displayed, rendering the point of having such an editor available in the first place as being useless.  I have to spend time haphazardly scrolling the text up and down until I can get a clean display in which I can find the location of what I want to edit OR review.

    As a developer, I'ld like to find a way to prevent these lines from ever appearing.  What's causing this problem and how can it be fixed?  It doesn't seem to happen when the editor is working with plain text.

    I'm using Telerik RAD controls 2011.2.915.35 in visual studio C# build 91605-270-2201135-60151 and am viewing this on Internet Explorer 9  (9.0.8112.16421 with update version 9.0.3) on windows 7 SP1

    this is some text
    to scroll down on
    so you can see the
    phenomena happen
    here as it seems
    this is also a radeditor
    telerik control
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    Posted 02 Nov 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Andy,

    Do you load large content in RadEditor? My recommendation is to try the suggestions provided in the following live demo: Working with large content.

    My suggestion is to also test the editor by setting its ContentAreaMode property to DIV. Make sure that the ContentFilters property is set to None and that the Undo and Redo buttons are removed from the toolbar.

    The content area of RadEditor is a standard editable IFRAME element and the reported problem sounds like a browser related problem due to insufficient hardware power. Under which browser do you experience this problem and do you experience under different browsers?

    I was unable to reproduce the problem in the provided site because the page was not placed in edit mode and re wasn't an editor placed on it. You can see my test at:

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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