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Perform TabClick event

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El asked on 15 Nov 2010, 01:22 PM


My question is pretty same as the following one:

I followed the demo "TabStrip / Load on Demand RadPageView" and i can say that most of the code is missing so i had to combine the code from the other demoS in order to achieve what i want (please refer the code below).

However the thing is that i can't make it loads the very first pageview when tabs are created. After you click another tabpage it works as expected.

It is something similar to windows button control which has a "PerformClick" event. 



<telerik:RadMultiPage ID="RadMultiPage1" runat="server" SelectedIndex="0"  CssClass="multiPage" />
<telerik:RadTabStrip OnClientTabSelecting="onTabSelecting" ID="RadTabStrip1" SelectedIndex="0" CssClass="tabStrip" runat="server" MultiPageID="RadMultiPage1" Skin="Office2007" Orientation="HorizontalBottom" />


Imports Telerik.Web.UI
Public Class _Default
    Inherits System.Web.UI.Page
    Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
        If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
        End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub AddTab(ByVal tabName As String)
        Dim tab As New RadTab
        tab.Text = tabName
        tab.Value = tabName & ".ascx"
        tab.PageViewID = tabName.Replace(" "c, "") & ".ascx"
    End Sub
    Private Sub AddPageView(ByVal pageViewID As String)
        Dim pageView As New RadPageView()
        pageView.ID = pageViewID
    End Sub
    Protected Sub TabStrip1_TabClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RadTabStripEventArgs) Handles RadTabStrip1.TabClick
        e.Tab.PageView.Selected = True
    End Sub
    Private Sub MultiPage1_PageViewCreated(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Telerik.Web.UI.RadMultiPageEventArgs) Handles RadMultiPage1.PageViewCreated
        Dim userControlName As String = e.PageView.ID
        Dim userControl As Control = Page.LoadControl(userControlName)
        userControl.ID = e.PageView.ID + "_userControl"
    End Sub
End Class

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answered on 16 Nov 2010, 04:51 PM
I have it resolved in the meantime. I just had to manually add the pageview after i initialize the new tab page.
' initialize the needed tab pages
AddTab("Personal Info")

Later if you click this tab it does nothing because user control is already loaded into the pageview.

Thanks for reading it.
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