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    With you build in provider for radScheduler, what technology is used to optimize perfomance with large databaseses.
    Example: I have implimented radscheduler for a NPO organization with 400 branches. each branch enter their events, but can also see other branches event. (Permissions handled by me). Public can see all which ever branches they select. (All branches in a region etc).In one year, a brach could have 100-200 events. (That is 100 x 400 events (40000) events per year. After 3 years the events table will be big. What can be done MORE, to save on database, web and network utilization? (Not only for performance, but also for appearance, I already prevent users from selecting more than 15 branches at a time, so my SQL command already limit this to 15 x 400 x years.

    I can not delete historical events, because of other database relations (courses and historical course rsvps are connected to the eventid in my db, and those historical information is used all the time)

    1. If you look at a month, week of timeline view, what memory is alllocated on th server (only the date range, or everything in memory)
    2. How much is in sessions memory? etc.

    Do you think it is advisable to tailor my SQL statements to just fetch data within a certain date range?
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    Hello Guss,

    You can use the technique from the Optimized Queries demo with a provide as well. Attached is a sample for reference. Here is also a help topic on Sending additional information to the provider.

    Regards, Peter
    the Telerik team
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    Tx Peter
    Exactly what I wanted.

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