Opening TRDX that have differenct connectionString

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    I have a report (trdx) file that i've copied from the remote server. i copied it to my local PC. ( i have also restored the database to my PC). i built the report with the same version of Telerik Report Designer. Q2 2014 ver.

    due to connection and location problem, i have to make a modification with the report locally in my PC, so i copy and open it.

    then, the Report Designer goes "loading..", but never finish loading the report. hang, it shows "not responding" in windows task manager, so i have to force close it, again, and again. i've waited for a long time, but it never finish loading it. do i have to build it again from the start? really?

    maybe it has something todo with the connectionString. i dont know.

    it's happen everytime when i want to change a report that connectionString's is not actually connected at the moment.

    its fine when i open a report (trdx) that have connectionString with my local DB in my PC.

    so, is there anyway that i can open and modify the report (trdx) ?

    Thank you for your kind attention.


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    Hello Hariadi,

    Thank you for contacting Telerik Support.

    This behavior is caused by the connection strings which are not valid in the context of your PC. Since the connection strings are not valid on your PC, the Report Designer has to wait for the connection timeout time to pass before it can continue loading.
    This behavior is logged in our system for improvement in a future version of the Reporting suite.

    In the meantime you can modify the connection strings before opening the report in the Report Designer using a plain text editor. Open the report TRDX file in the text editor and modify/remove the elements under the DataSources node in the XML:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Report DataSourceName="sqlDataSource1" Width="6.5in" Name="RowCountsSample" xmlns="">
        <SqlDataSource ConnectionString="AdventureWorks" SelectCommand="select * from humanresources.employee" Name="sqlDataSource1" />


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