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    I have a main page with a grid, where i open a radwindow  ( with windowmanager in the main page)
    when i click on a row in the grid of the radwindow this one is closed and i put focus on a textbox in the parent page grid
    To do this, i use RadAjaxManager AjaxRequest event and everything is ok
      protected void RadAjaxManager1_AjaxRequest(object sender, AjaxRequestEventArgs e)
               if (e.Argument == "Rebind")
                   // on place le focus sur le produit sans ean qui a été selected
               Int32 recepid   = indexdid(Session["eanmanque"].ToString());
    if (recepid != null && recepid != -1)
                       TextBox tb2 = RadGridreception.MasterTableView.Items[recepid].FindControl("tbqteBL") as TextBox;
                       tb2.Attributes["onfocus"] = ";";
                       Button2_Click(sender, e);
                      // afficheRWeanprob();
               else if (e.Argument == "nv1")
           //pour lancer la popup
           protected void afficheRWlistcom()
               RadWindow window2 = new RadWindow();
               window2.NavigateUrl = "RWliste_com_reception.aspx";
               window2.VisibleOnPageLoad = true;
               window2.Width = 1150;
               window2.Height = 700;
               window2.Modal = true;
               window2.Behaviors = WindowBehaviors.Close;
               window2.Visible = true;
               window2.AutoSize = false;
               window2.VisibleStatusbar = true;
               window2.DestroyOnClose = true;
               window2.EnableViewState = false;
              RadWindowManager1.EnableViewState = false;
    On the Radwindow , i have a button to close this radwindow and send the arg: "nv1"
    after  the closing i want to open directly a second radwindow :
    else if (e.Argument == "nv1")
    ajaxrequest is fired but nothing happens
    Could you explain me
    Thank you very much
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