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    Thanks in advance for any help on this...Let me explain as best I can:

    I have a parent page where I declare the window manager and the given window.


    <telerik:RadWindowManager ID="RadWindowManager1" runat="server" style="display:none;" Behavior="Close" InitialBehavior="None" Left="" Top="" Modal="true" >






    <telerik:RadWindow ID="MyWindow" runat="server" Title="Buy Tickets" Height="600px"



        Width="700px" ReloadOnShow="False" Modal="True" Skin="Web20" VisibleStatusbar="False"



        Behaviors="Close" style="display:none;" Behavior="Close" InitialBehavior="None" Left=""     NavigateUrl=""     Top=""     ShowContentDuringLoad="False"  />







    this page contains an ascx

    the ascx conatains a nested repeater

    the nested repeater contains dynamic hyperlink controls.

    i want the navigateURL property to open a radwindow and I cannot get this to work.

    I tried the following function in the parent page:
    function ShowWindow()


         window.radopen('', 'MyWindow');



    and dynamically setting the navigateurl property of the hyperlinks to call that function as follows:


    "javascript: ShowWindow();"






    thanks for your help...jim

  2. Steve
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    Try this
    function openWindow(){
        var myWndID = $telerik.$('[id$="MyWindow"]').attr("id");
        var myWnd = $find(myWndID);;

    To wireup your links, perhaps some jQuery?
             openWindow(); //perhaps pass a value

    I mean the .show is just to open it, really you can do anything
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