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    I am using the MinFilterLength property for filtering items in the RadDropDownTree. Assume the MinFilterLength property is set to 3.
    If I now enter 3 characters, the results are filtered correctly. However, if I delete a character, the results are not reset.
    How can I achieve this?
    I searched online, and found a possible solution here: http://www.telerik.com/community/forums/aspnet-ajax/combobox/hide-disable-the-loading-text-on-itemsrequested.aspx.
    However, RadDropDownTree does not have a OnClientItemsRequesting event. Which event can I use to achieve the same behavior?

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    Boyan Dimitrov
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    Your observations are absolutely correct and we will include a fix for this issue in our upcoming service pack release.  In the meantime you can use this workaround
    //markup code
    <telerik:RadDropDownTree ID="RadDropDownTree1" runat="server" DefaultMessage="Select location" Skin="Default"
           EnableFiltering="true" FilterSettings-Highlight="Matches" FilterSettings-MinFilterLength="3">
    <script type="text/javascript">
               var isBackspacePressed = false;
               function pageLoad() {
                   $find("RadDropDownTree1")._manager._shouldFilter = function (text) {
                       var shouldFilter = ((text.length >= this._minFilterLength || (text == "" && this._minFilterLength == 1)) || isBackspacePressed);
                       isBackspacePressed = false;
                       return shouldFilter;
                   $find("RadDropDownTree1")._manager._onFilterKeyUp = function (e) {
                       var text = e.target.value,
                           key = Sys.UI.Key,
                           keyCode = e.keyCode || e.which;
                       if (keyCode == key.backspace) {
                           isBackspacePressed = true;
                       else {
                           isBackspacePressed = false;
                       switch (keyCode) {
                           case 16: // shift
                           case 17: // ctrl
                           case 18: // alt
                           case key.home:
                           case key.end:
                           case key.enter:
                           case key.tab:
                           case key.left:
                           case key.right:
                           case key.up:
                           case key.down:
                           case key.pageUp:
                           case key.pageDown:
                           case key.esc:

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