Okay, I give up - what is that $find and $get you keep using in your clientside ajax examples?

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    I understand that this is supposed to be JQuery code, and the following calls in many of your clientside ajax samples:



    alert( $get("<%= telerikAjaxCtrlID.ClientID %>"));

    give you "object"


    alert( $find("<%= telerikAjaxCtrlID.ClientID %>"));

    give you "object object"

    and that you can apply JQuery operations against the objects the statements return.  And, I have read some Telerik documentation that refers me to http://api.jquery.com to get a list of what JQuery methods and properties are available because Telerik uses the original JQuery library that has been modified in a minor way with some appended code while preserving the original. 

    But, the api.jquery.com documentation describes functions such as $.get and $.find (NOT $get and $find), and none of the JQuery methods and properties that can be applied to $.get and $.find seem to work against what is returned by $find and $get.  For example, the JQuery $.get function is used to retrieve javascript from the server - not to locate any controls on a page.  I can't see how anyone could expect methods and properties that come from $.get to be able to work with $get which you seem to use to locate controls.

    Where can I find documentation that describes the jquery methods and properties availabe from the objects returned by $find and $get.  I can't use intellisense because I'm working on a corporate project, where the team leader won't allow the insertion of JQuery intellesense libraries into the webpages.  Besides, I'm NOT looking for intellisense.  I need a printed list of methods/properties that I can use which I can reference and have a global view of.


  2. Dan Lehmann
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    Here is the js API I use: http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/telerik-static-client-library.html (Expand the control you want, then click Client-Side Programming.

    $find() gets you the instance of a control which you then have access to all the methods in Client-Side Programming.

    Hope this helps,
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