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    I am thinking of moving my project to Telerik, if I could get an answer on the following question:
    What kind of support Telerik's ChartView library has for column chart (around 500 points) with full annotation (where data labels and customized tooltips are a MUST). I attach a plot showing what kind of chart I am looking for. Specifically,
    1) Would it be possible to show the data labels "SMARTLY" so that they dont overlap if the column data points are too close, as would be the case in my project.
    2) Is numeric x-axis for the column chart even possible or I would have to work around category axis to manage this?
    3) Do I get the column tooltip support out of the box or would I need to implement it later? if I get it out of the box would it be flexible/programable or just showing the data points?
    My project revolves around high throughput data analysis and charting is the key for the look and feel of my application. 
    I would appreciate your response in this regard,

  2. Martin Ivanov
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    Posted 08 Jul 2016 Link to this post

    Hi Wagas,

    To achieve your requirement you can use the RadCartesianChart control from the RadChartView suite, along with BarSeries. The chartview has a smart labels feature which you can check in our documentation and demos. Additionally, you can take a look at the chart's SDK examples in GitHub.

    About the numeric x-axis, yes you can place whatever axis you like on the X dimension. However, there are dependencies between the chart's series and axes. For example, the BarSeries works with one categorical and one numeric axis. In your case I guess you want to use couple numeric axes for the bar (column) series which is not supported. So, there are two approaches which you can try - using a categorical axis with numbers as it's categories, or using another type of series. For example, a ScatterPointSeries and draw line annotations (imitating columns) from each data point to the axis' minimum.

    The chartview also supports item labels and tooltip which are quite flexible for customization.

    I noticed that the chart on the picture has minor axis ticks. This feature is not presented in the chartview, but it can be achieved with custom annotations. Also, we have a feature request logged in our feedback portal where you can track its status.

    I hope this helps.

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