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    I'm reading more and more about node.js and it's ability to help us develop web apps.

    In your opinion, is this something we'll get to / have to learn and does Telerik have plans to support it?

    Please let us know and thanks!

    ~ Dave
  2. Ivan Zhekov
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    Hello, David.

    Node.js, as of now, is an application server that runs JavaScript. True, Node may take advantage and use .NET DLL files, but not in the sense that you would use in ASP.NET.

    For instance, even if you include, say System.Web.UI in a Node project, you still won't be able to use <asp:Button runat="server" /> in a Node app, since there is a lot more going on than just the library or markup.

    That said, you could fuse Node and MVC applications together, perhaps Node and WebForms too e.g. have a Node endpoint within your ASP.NET application.

    Should you (we, all etc) learn it? That's an interesting question. It wouldn't heart to know this and that about Node and how it works. It's definitely getting more love from Microsoft (WebMatrix <3 Node ) and Node can run on Azure, so perhaps we should be on the lookout for some .NET fusion.

    What is Telerik position? I can't speak for the entire company, but as far as UI components are concerned, Telerik's Kendo UI can work with Node.js as front end library. You can even check this example by Brandon Satrom (a Telerik employee) https://github.com/bsatrom/kendo_express or alternatively ask in the KendoUI forums for more information.

    Ivan Zhekov
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