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    Really liking what I see so far.  Ok, so one of the first things ill need to do on this next project is display 3 different formatted lists, where the items are populated from a list of objects.  See attached screenshot.  Basically, I need to load the first list, which is used to make a selection to populate the 2nd and likewise the 3rd.  Actually the 3rd "list" wont be a list, but a detail grid.  Each step should not refresh the whole page, but just update the next portion, eg. partial page updates.  Hope that is clear.

    What sets of components could be used in this approach?

    Possibly use a PanelBar for the leftmost list, as well as the 2nd?

    However, for the lists themselves, on a previous project that used the UI for Angular library, I think I simply used Bootstrap listgroups
    What library component could replicate this?

    The grid should be straighforward, but should it go in a panel




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    Ok, so since this library is basically Kendo UI for jQuery, which I am already familiar with.  So to expand on the above, one approach could be:
    The left most and center "lists" could be implemented as either Bootstrap lists or with Telerik PanelBars. 
    As for the grid, its just a matter of getting the relevant data to replace the data in the grid.
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    Hello Randal,

    Regarding the first two components, you can also consider using either the TreeView, as it also allows working with hierarchical data. You can review what the TreeView and the PanelBar components provide as functionality to see which will serve best to your needs. Both have a select event, which will allow you to get the selected item and pass it to a grid.

    Feel free to ask if you need further information or assistance. I will be happy to assist you.

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