Nested Items not created on first load

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  1. Gregory
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    I have a radGrid where I create the columns dynamically (according to the settings of the user, they decide which column to view). I have have a NestedViewTemplate not created dynamically.

    After the grid is loaded, I look at the structure of the html code of the grid and I do not see the invisible row corresponding to the nested template.

    I am not sure if I should add something to relate the NestedViewTemplate when creating dynamically the columns?

    <telerik:RadGrid ID="rgRate" runat="server" OnNeedDataSource="rgRate_NeedDataSource"
        OnItemDataBound="rgRate_ItemDataBound" OnItemCreated="rgRate_ItemCreated"            OnSortCommand="rgRate_SortCommand"
        OnItemCommand="rgRate_ItemCommand" Skin="Investor1" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false" ClientSettings-EnablePostBackOnRowClick="false"
        AllowSorting="true" AllowPaging="true" AutoGenerateColumns="false" AllowMultiRowSelection="false"
        PagerStyle-Mode="NumericPages" PagerStyle-AlwaysVisible="true" ShowFooter="false"
        MasterTableView-NoMasterRecordsText="No Records found." SortingSettings-EnableSkinSortStyles="true">
            <Csv ColumnDelimiter="Tab" RowDelimiter="NewLine" FileExtension="TXT" />
        <ClientSettings EnableRowHoverStyle="true" AllowColumnsReorder="false" EnablePostBackOnRowClick="false" >
            <Selecting AllowRowSelect="true" />
            <Resizing AllowColumnResize="false" EnableRealTimeResize="false" />
            <ClientEvents OnGridCreated="radGrid_onGridCreated"/>
        <MasterTableView ShowHeadersWhenNoRecords="true" TableLayout="fixed" Width="100%" ExpandCollapseColumn-Visible="false"
            AllowNaturalSort="false" DataKeyNames="key1, key2, ..."


         Thank you


  2. Gregory
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    Posted 15 Oct 2015 in reply to Gregory Link to this post

    I just found out what I was missing. Simply:

    <MasterTableView ... HierarchyLoadMode="Client" ... >

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