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Need to pass updated values after Edit Form is closed
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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Andy asked on 12 Jul 2018, 03:02 PM

I have a Radgrid using automatic Update, and a custom Edit Form template. I need to pass all the values of an edited row so I can populate an email that will be sent to users from the code-behind. Using the code below that I have cobbled together from various posts, I can get all the row's current values, but not the updated values using the ItemUpdated event. Is there another event I can use, or different code to obtain Updated values for that row after my Edit Form is closed and database updated? I am new to this, so code examples are helpful. Thanks!


public void RadGrid1_ItemUpdated(object sender, GridUpdatedEventArgs e)
            GridEditFormItem item = (GridEditFormItem)e.Item;
            GridDataItem parentItem = (GridDataItem)item.ParentItem;
            string emailFlag = parentItem["EmailToSalesFlag"].Text;
                if (emailFlag == "true");
                string SU = parentItem["StockUnit"].Text;
                string Make = parentItem["Make"].Text;
                string Model = parentItem["Model"].Text;
                string Description = parentItem["Description"].Text;
                string Type = parentItem["Type"].Text;
                string CustName = parentItem["CustName"].Text;
                string Salesperson = parentItem["Salesperson"].Text;
                string RecDate = parentItem["Rec_Date"].Text;
                string InvDate = parentItem["Inv_Date"].Text;
                string SpiffProg = parentItem["SpiffProg"].Text;
                string SpiffAmt = parentItem["SpiffAmt"].Text;
                string Notes = parentItem["Notes"].Text;
                string Approved = parentItem["Approved"].Text;
                string MgrNotes = parentItem["MgrNotes"].Text;
                string Email = parentItem["Email"].Text;
                //Populate HTML email Body               
                PopulateBody(SU, Make, Model, Description, Type, CustName, Salesperson, RecDate, InvDate, SpiffProg, SpiffAmt, Notes, Approved, MgrNotes, Email);

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