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    Posted 14 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Is the Graph inferior to the Chart from the older versions of Telerik Reporting?

    There is a great deal I cannot do in the Graphs that used to be available in the chart.

    1. Please see 1.png
    I want to line up the charts nicely and crop  the labels when they get beyond a certain size. Instead the labels keep growing- and shrinking the chart. Adding blank spaces as advised by customer support will not help because the letters all have different spacing and kerning and will not line up nicely due to differences in the label content.

    2. Please see
    Multicolored zones was actually supported natively in the Chart (which is now obsolete and unusable) by using the MarkedZone property. This is no longer available in the Graph. I need to color certain ranges on the Graph. :(

    3. Please see 2.png
    I need a custom scale for the x-axis where
    a) The origin starts from 100-190
    b) And the steps are 30 resulting in 3 discrete zones of different colors (100-130), (130-160) and (160-190) Setting the x-min and x-max and the step size results in the graph seen in the screenshot. Is it possible to have a graph where there is only 3 hash marks and nothing in between.

    I only want it to behave like the Chart's ChartAxis.AutoScale as seen on 
    Again this is no longer supported

    4. I am unable to embed labels onto a plot area shared by 5 different series to show the different charts on the same axes. Telerik reports to me this is not possible.

    Will really appreciate any heads up! Thank you.

  2. Nasko
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    Posted 17 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Edward,

    We replied to your questions in your support ticket on the same topic. Please check the answers in the support ticket from your Telerik account.


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