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    Hi, how can I bind a RadGrid when I need to include details from more than one entity?

    I have the following code that runs, definitely brings back data but does not show anything in my grid (with AutoGenerateColumns set to "true"):

    protected void MyGrid_OnNeedDataSource(object sender, GridNeedDataSourceEventArgs e)
        using (var context = new MyContainer())
            var d = from data in context.ParentEntity.Include("ChildEntities"
                    select new
            this.MyGrid.DataSource = d.ToList();

    I don't mind admitting my LINQ to Entities knowledge is "ongoing" but you can see what I am trying to do: for every ParentEntity, get me their properties and for every ChildEntity under that, get me their properties as well. I want the grid to display those.

    Because the ChildEntity may not necessarilly immediately have a ParentEntity, I can't do a master / detail view with two grids.

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    Hello Richard,

    To display hierarchical data, RadGrid renders one or more detail tables for each item (row) in the MasterTableView. In a multi-level hierarchy, each item of every detail table can have one or more detail tables as well. The level of the grid hierarchy can be arbitrarily deep.

    When binding each detail table view, RadGrid fires the DetailTableDataBind event. The argument for a DetailTableDataBind event handler carries all the information you need for binding the detail table, including the table view that should be bound, its parent item, and so on. Please refer to this help article for more information.

    I hope this gets you started properly.

    the Telerik team
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