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Multi-Table DataSet

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SDI asked on 18 Jun 2012, 03:39 PM
Hello Telerik,

According to the documentation the RadTabStrip should be able to bind to a dataset correct? I cant seem to get it to work correctly.

Dim myDataSet As New DataSet()
Dim table As New DataTable("ParentTbl")
Dim table1 As New DataTable("ChildTbl")
table.Rows.Add(New String() {"1", "root 1"})
table.Rows.Add(New String() {"2", "root 2"})
table.Rows.Add(New String() {"3", "root 3"})
table.Rows.Add(New String() {"4", "root 4"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"1", "1", "child 1"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"2", "1", "child 11"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"3", "2", "child 2"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"4", "2", "child 22"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"5", "2", "child 23"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"6", "3", "child 3"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"7", "4", "child 4"})
table1.Rows.Add(New String() {"8", "4", "child 42"})
myDataSet.Tables.AddRange(New DataTable() {table, table1})
Dim myParentColumn As DataColumn = myDataSet.Tables(0).Columns("ParentId")
Dim myChildColumn As DataColumn = myDataSet.Tables(1).Columns("ParentId")
Dim myDataRelations As New DataRelation("myDataRelation", myParentColumn, myChildColumn)
Me.RadTabStripReports.DataFieldParentID = "ParentId"
Me.RadTabStripReports.DataFieldID = "ChildId"
' Set Text, Value
Me.RadTabStripReports.DataTextField = "Name"
Me.RadTabStripReports.DataValueField = "ChildId"
Me.RadTabStripReports.DataSource = myDataSet

When I test the TabStrip with this code it blows out with an error on the DataBind line.

Columns specified by DataFieldID/DataFieldParenID not found. Is this because of multiple tables in the dataset? The sample you show only has 1 datatable in the dataset. I can debug it and see the columns do in fact exist in the dataset tables.

Can you supply a sample that works with multiple tables, or is there something else that needs to be done?


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Dimitar Terziev
Telerik team
answered on 21 Jun 2012, 09:04 AM

The hierarchical binding of the RadTabStrip is supported in scenarios with self-referencing hierarchy in a single table. In scenario with multiple tables the hierarchy should be build manually by first creating the parent items and then adding their children.

Dimitar Terziev
the Telerik team
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Dimitar Terziev
Telerik team
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