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  1. Sean
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    Posted 17 Jun 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Telerik,

    I apologize in advance if this post gets a bit long-winded. I'm just trying to get my head around a lot of things while also trying to make some decisions on where I need to go next. 

    I have a fairly complex ASP.NET/AJAX Web Dashboard. It utilizes the following RadControls for AJAX:

    • RadSplitter/RadSlidingZone/RadPane/RadSlidingPane/RadSplitBar
    • RadListBox
    • RadTab/RadMultiPage (less so)
    • RadDock/RadDockZone/RadDockLayout

    All except a handful of instances of the controls are completely dynamically created and restored through page-postback and session. The RadListBox uses drag-and-drop features to move RadListBoxItems to the page. Event handlers then take over the creating of RadDocks or RadSplitters and RadPanes. If it would help this discussion I am able to provide a working copy of my current solution. 

    Now, I am 100% nubile to MVC aside from code I have inherited at my job. I have this dashboard working, using ASP.NET/AJAX controls, inside of the MVC solution -- but breaking MVC architecture to do so. My goal is to not break this architecture - I am not concerned at this point about whether I use RadControls for MVC, RadControls for AJAX, a mixture of the two, or pick-and-choose controls with outside support from jQuery patching up the edges. 

    So, where do we stand? I played around with Telerik Controls for MVC and while I believe I could achieve the functionality I want out of some of these controls -- not everything has been fleshed out yet. Is mixing in controls from RadControls for AJAX going to be acceptable? I know, I know, I read that this is possible -- but I want to know if it's the best decision to be making.

    For instance, does RadSplitter for MVC support dynamically creating new panes, nesting splitters and panes to an arbitrary depth?

    Lets assume I am going to not use RadControls for MVC for my first iteration of integrating my project into MVC architecture. Is it POSSIBLE to achieve the same functionality as I have currently using RadControls for AJAX in MVC? A simple example I have is "I rely heavily on RadDockLayout's SaveDockLayout event, how can I emulate this behavior in MVC?"

    The third solution, which I believe to be the answer (but do not want to jade anyone else into thinking that this is the only answer) is a mixing of Telerik Controls for AJAX and other jQuery libraries to patch the bridge. For instance, using jQuery docking functionality where I originally used RadDocking. 

    Maybe this is all worth opening a ticket to discuss, but I thought it'd be best for other Telerik users to be able to see my thoughts and concerns. I have a long road ahead of me, and I'd love to not make it longer with some helpful insight from the Telerik team.

    Kind regards,

    Sean Anderson
  2. Sebastian
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    Posted 20 Jun 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Sean,

    Generally speaking, for new MVC development we recommend using our native MVC extensions to fully utilize the power and features that the ASP.NET MVC framework provides.

    For your particular case when you need to port your existing ASP.NET AJAX dashboard implementation to work with MVC, you may consider developing a 'hybrid' application using the Telerik Splitter/TabStrip MVC components and the ListBox and Dock controls from our ASP.NET AJAX suite (which do not have MVC counterparts presently). Side-by-side comparison of the features supported by our Splitter/TabStrip components from the AJAX and MVC suites respectively can be made directly from the live demos:

    AJAX Demos

    MVC Demos

    You should be able to intercept the SaveDockLayout event in server code block inside a MVC view although this schema is not in par with the MVC design pattern.

    However, please bare in mind the limitations our AJAX controls have in ASP.NET MVC which are listed in this documentation topic.

    An alternative approach might be to use pure client jQuery components as you mentioned (jQuery docking for instance) as replacements for the RadDock and RadListBox controls. They should work properly in ASP.NET MVC projects side-by-side with our MVC extensions.

    I hope this explanation is helpful.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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