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    Hi Guys,

    Am implementing a page like a google wave and i just start testing with two rad zone. on top zone is just to minimized and docked. 
    In the main zone , I have main grid dashboard, selecting the grid item will validate and if data can be found , populate the other grid in a new dock and current Main dockGrid have to minimized and move to on top.  If error occur, prompting something and maindockgrid have to stay unchange.

    Is there any Minimize, Moved to zone method available for server side? Have look through and only found client scripts. I have tested with client script execute from server and can do but, felt it's not the right way. Is there more convenient way to achieve.
    Tried like this but not working..

        Me.RadDock1Master.Collapsed = True
                Me.RadDock1Master.Width = 30
                Me.RadDock1Master.Height = 10

    thank you 

    Hi Pero,
    Thanks much for the detail advice.
    By Using (run JqueryCode from ServerSide -Arnold Matusz's Blog) combined with server events, I've able to produce desired solution.

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    Posted 20 Jan 2010 Link to this post

    Hi ZAY OO THA,

    There are no built-in server-side methods that: minimize, maximize or move the dock. Here are some suggestions to achieve the desired behavior on the server side:
    • If you need to move the dock to a certain position while it is in DockMode="Floating" (i.e. it is not docked to a zone) use RadDocks Top and Left properties.
    •  To move a dock from one zone to another one source code similar to the following should be used (look at the attached project):
      'The following lines remove the dock from RadDockZone1 and place it in RadDockZone2
    • To Expand/Collapse (maximize/minimize) a dock the Collapsed property should be used.
    • To change the Width and Height use the respective properties. Please note that in order for the changes to take effect, the dock must be with DockMode=Floating or the zone's property FitDocks should be set to false.

    I believe that the desired (google-wave like) scenario is achieved more easily by doing the minimize, maximize and move of the docks on the client-side. On the server side you will dynamically (programmatically) create the RadDock controls and will save their state in a DB. For your convenience I have created a sample project that "minimizes" the docks to a zone placed at the top of the page, when the Expand\Collapse command is pressed. The "minimizeDockZone" has Horizontal Orientation and FitDocks="false". To get the idea of how to dynamically create RadDocks and save their state in DB, please look at the following articles (projects) from our Code Library:

    By combining one of these samples and the attached project you can achieve the desired scenario.

    the Telerik team

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