Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX

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    Im doing migration from ASP.NET Q3 2008 to ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2012 (both 4.0 Framework). How can I convert it? Does the dragging of RadScriptManager to existing page will convert it to ASP.NET AJAX? It did change some items on my web config but it looks like it doesnt run as ASP.NET AJAX. The Live samples has some port # in localhost when it is run, but my existing project has same localhost as before. And comparing their web config, has a huge difference. Any step by step info for dummies like me would be a great help.. What will happen to old rad dll? Thanks in advance..

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    Take a look a this KB: http://www.telerik.com/support/kb/aspnet-ajax/general/updating-radcontrols-for-asp-net-to-another-version-or-license.aspx. It explains the new lines you need in your web.config. You need the new Telerik.Web.UI assemblies referenced in your BIN folder. There may be differences in the client-side API and you can see the new ones in the online documentation (http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/introduction.html) by going to each control's Client-Side Programming artile. If you have installed the MSI version you can configure or update your site to a RadControlsWebSite via the Telerik menu and this will add the assemblies and web.config registrations.
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    Hi rdmptn, seems like this KB is about upgrading an old version of ASP.NET AJAX to a newer version of ASP.NET AJAX, I already came across this article. What I'm looking for is upgrading ASP.NET (Non-Ajax or Classic radControls) Q3 2008 to ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2012. I dont think this will have the same process of upgrading, or is it? I already tried the upgrade wizard but seems like it still loads like a non AJAX site. Thanks.
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    Here's a documentation page that deals with converting the RadGrid from ASP.NET to the newer AJAX version:

    Migration from RadGrid for ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX

    Keep in mind that you're dealing with nearly 4 years of feature enhancements, bug fixes and API changes. So, you'll probably have to rebuild your site, control by control.

    Hope this helps!
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    There is a migration topic under the help section of every ASP.NET AJAX controls. Here are a few links:
    Migration from RadAjax for ASP.NET to RadAjax for ASP.NET AJAX
    Migration from RadEditor Classic to RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX
    Migration from RadWindow for ASP.NET ("Classic") to RadWindow for ASP.NET AJAX
    Migrating from RadComboBox Classic to ASP.NET AJAX version
    Migrating From RadMenu ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX
    Migrating from RadTreeView for ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX

    You can also refer to the Changes and backwards compatibility topics for every control in our online documentation.

    Best regards,
    the Telerik team
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    thanks a lot jumpstart and rumen, all this documentation would help me a lot on my migration.

    I just have 1 questions though.
    Is it possible that both dll work at the same time (classic radcontrols and the asp.net ajax radcontrols)? 
    Coz I will be converting numerous pages, and that would take some time to finish. I was wondering if
    converted pages will work together with other pages thats not been converted yet.
    For instance I was able to convert only 10 pages of 200 pages of the project. The 10 pages uses new ajax radcontrols
    and the remaining still uses classic radcontrols (but will be doing continuous conversion until such time that all has been converted.)
    Can they both work well together? or all should be converted? Any info about this.. Thanks
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