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    I have an empty PanelBar in my aspx page and I want to fill it in the code behind.
    I successfully fill the PanelBar with PanelItems but I don't understand how to build th HeaderTemplate and Contentemplate.
    This work :
    RadPanelItem myPanelItem = new RadPanelItem("First item")

    But when I try to add the headerTemplate like that :
    RadPanelItem myPanelItem = new RadPanelItem("First item")
    Button btn = new Button();
    btn.Text = "Test";

    Visual studio say that the Header is null and the header can't be instanciate.

    So I try others way but nothing successfull
    Is someone has any solution ?
  2. Kalina
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    Hello Vincent,

    In order to add a HeaderTemplate to RadPanelItem dynamically you need to follow these steps:
    1. At first create a new class that implements the System.Web.UI.ITemplate interface:
    public class RadPanelItemHeaderTemplate : ITemplate

    2. In the class, implement the InstantiateIn method, which is a member of the ITemplate interface. This method provides a way to insert an instance of text and controls into the specified container.
    3. In the InstantiateIn method, create the controls for the template item, set their properties, and then add them to the parent's Controls collection:
    public void InstantiateIn(Control container)
        Button someButton = new Button();
        someButton.Text = "Test";
        someButton.Click += new EventHandler(someButton_Click);
        if (_Text1 != String.Empty)
            Label someLabel = new Label();
            someLabel.Text = "  " + _Text1;

    4. Then at Page.OnInit event handler you can add RadPanelBar items, set the HeaderTemplate property of the item/items and call ApplyHeaderTemplate() method in this way:
    protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
        RadPanelItem item1 = new RadPanelItem("first item");
        item1.HeaderTemplate = new RadPanelItemHeaderTemplate();
        item1.Items.Add(new RadPanelItem("child item 1"));
        item1.Items.Add(new RadPanelItem("child item 2"));
        RadPanelItem item2 = new RadPanelItem("second item");

    I prepared a small sample  – please find it attached.

    the Telerik team

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