Major problems only in IE below version 10

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    Posted 06 Feb 2013 Link to this post

    Please help me i have already 2 days on this and cant find solution to the problem..

    I am not posting any code by now, because i have already striped almost everything to the minimum as you can see in screenshot.

    My last attempt was remove all scripts and css and use a normal asp scriptmanager as you can see in screenshot,

    I just cant understand why this is happening only in ie6, ie7, ie8 and ie9 All other browsers IE10, Opera, Firefox, Chrome works ok.

    I have already tried in several clients the results are the same. i had to install firefox on all of them to use the application.

    Please if help me as ASAP... please!

    Forgot to mention: this is a radtoolbar, but other controls that i use, radwindow, radcombobox, etc.. all fail the css...
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    Posted 06 Feb 2013 Link to this post

    OMG... finally i found the problem

    in here

    Basically the problem is that IE only accepts to 32 css at once in a web request!!!! (Didn't know this!) apparently in IE10 there's no more that limitation.

    Because i was updating from old telerik, i deleted old skins i was using Windows7 skin and copied the new skins folder completly, so basically what is happening is that all css files are called and then IE hits more than 31 css files and blocks all after.

    My main problem now is what is best to use in this case? Use the embedded Telerik.UI.Skins.dll or use individual ones?
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    It does not matter if you are using Built in Skins or DLL. It is a CSS limitation that prevents IE to load more than 31 Stylesheets on a page. The styles could come from a DLL or to be manually inserted into the project. IE does not care how they were loaded, it just loads 31 of them and the styles from the next files will not be loaded on the page.

    Each Telerik control uses at least two stylesheets, a few controls use ten or even more, so if you have several controls on the page, it is possible that you have more than 31 stylesheets.

    There is a blog post on our website: Internet Explorer CSS Limits where the problem is described in detail and suggests several ways to fix the issue.

    But in shortly, I will suggest you to add RadStyleSheetManager to your application. RadStyleSheetManager control gives developers the advantage of a simple drag-and-drop to achieve the combination of resources to a single request. All you need is to add a RadStyleSheetManager to your page and the stylesheet requests will be combined into a single request.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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