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    I have a treeview that shows folders and documents. For each folder I have the number of child folders and child documents (one level down). How can I loop through the tree and calculate the total number of sub-folders and documents for each node?

    For example, this is what I have:

    Root (folders: 2, docs: 0)
            Folder 1 (folders: 2, docs: 1)
                    Folder 2 (folders: 0, docs: 0)
                    Folder 3 (folders: 0, docs: 1)
            Folder 4 (folders: 0, docs: 2)

    And this is what I need:

    Root (folders: 4, docs: 4)
            Folder 1 (folders: 2, docs: 2)
                    Folder 2 (folders: 0, docs: 0)
                    Folder 3 (folders: 0, docs: 1)
            Folder 4 (folders: 0, docs: 2)

    Thank you,
  2. Atanas Korchev
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    Hi Julia Shah,

    You can use the Nodes property to obtain the immediate child nodes of a particular node. You could use it to traverse a particular node and calculate the total number of folders. You also need to use recursion in order to go deeper than the immediate child nodes. Here is a quick code snippet

    public int CalculateSubFolders(RadTreeNode parent)
           int result = 0;

           foreach (RadTreeNode child in parent.Nodes)
                  if (IsFolder(child)) // This method determines if a node is a folder
                       result ++; // increment for the "child" node
                       result += CalculateSubFolders(child); //add the number of folders in the child node.
           return result;

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