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    I am looking for different approaches for long running processes and giving the user feed back of the progress.
    1.  Using ASP.NET 3.5 sp1
    2.  Web Forms (not mvc)
    3.  Ajax
    4.  Not likely but could use jquery (not using in project at this time)
    5.  Using Telerik controls

    So I have process a user will kick off that will require numerious calls to a set of stored procedures for a set of records (500 + )
    As one record is completly processed, I would like to report back to a user that 1 of 500 is complete.  Then 2 of 500 and etc...
    As this finalize process executes I was thinking of using a radwindow that shows gears, perhaps a progress indicator or simple text that gets updated.   

    Any suggestions or examples that you can think of would be helpful.

  2. David
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    Your basic design needs some help.  You are in essence executing a blocking item which takes time to process.  Why not redesign your process to allow the user to start your "process x", continue on with other items, receive periodic updates on the progress of his request.

    A simple solution would be a web service to perform the service.  That service could be executed asynchronously allowing for your main thread to do something else.  You could then update a control with a progress based upon feedback from the service.

    Its a bit more complex but it should allow you to do more with less time.  If you truly have items which require great amounts of time why not create a batch work process which you can schedule work for "users".  You could then send them a email with results or a notification of "I am done" type messages.

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