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    Hi everyone,

    I have been a Telerik unconditionnal for years, coding with the RadControls every day and loving it.

    But this release (Q3 2012) was a real shock for me, as the Live Examples have moved to Metro style.I just wanted to know if I am the only one on earth hating it. It's not juts ugly, it's unpractical from a developper's point of vue. Examples are nearly unreadable. I am just wondering why you Telerik people have forced everyone to work with that Metro style ? Supporting it is a must, of course, but forcing us to use it with no possible escape is extremely disappointing.
    I would like to now if other developpers are comfortable whith that Metro style Live Examples or like me, pretty mutch uncomfortable with it ?

    Here is the message I have sent as a feedback.

    Hi guys,

    just downloaded Q3 2012 RadControls.
    Thanks for the brilliant controls; after several years of using them I am still an unconditional Telerik fan.

    But this time, not only you decided to support Windows 8 and Metro, which I do understand fully of course, but your entire Live Examples have permanently moved to that absolutely horrible an unpractical discusting metro style. This is a real problem. It's not juts ugly, which after all is only a metter of taste, but it's nearly unusable.

    Let me explain.

    In the previous versions of your samples, it was extremely easy to read the source code of the samples. Now because of the Metro formating style, it has become simply unreadable. The font size is so big and waisting so mutch space that reading it is a challenge. Nearlly all the sourcode lines are wrapping to the next line and it makes the syntax coloring completely innefficient and invisible. Maybe I'll have to buy a 50 inch screen to watch the code now (I have a 24'' actually).

    It is silly, but because your are imposing on us the Metro style to even read your exeamples, watching the samples has become a profoundly unpleasant moment, were it used to be very exciting and fun. It a real and severe disappointment. Sorry.
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