Linefeed or Carriage Return issues

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    Hello Telerik,

    I am using the RadWindow for displaying some RadConfirms, but the coding doesn't seem to support \r or \n.
    <telerik:RadWindowManager runat="server" ID="RadWindowManager1" EnableShadow="true"  />

    <telerik:RadScriptBlock ID="RadScriptBlock1" runat="server">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var myName = myMasterTable.get_selectedItems()[0].getDataKeyValue( 'Name' );
    var myPrompt = "Are you sure you want to delete this program?\r\n\r\n";
    alert( myPrompt + myName );
    radconfirm(myPrompt + myName, ConfirmProgramDeleteCallBackFn, 330, 100, null, 'Delete Program?' );

    The "alert" shows fine, with "myName" being a spaced below the "myPrompt", but not the RadWindow the "myName" value appears after the "...program?", no linefeeds. Does it have to be coded some different way?


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    radalert() accepts Html as a string, so you can use the break tag to insert new line
    e.g.  radalert(msg1+"<br/>"+msg2);

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